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Tips & Secrets to Feeling Your Best as We Get Back to Business

To look graceful is something every woman aspires secretly. It’s nothing new. And there is nothing wrong in it. This Pandemic put a halt to many things. Everything, including ‘how we look on a daily basis’. Time just slipped by, and many of us started looking different. As the Pandemic eases, and many are getting ready to go back to offices and on-site workplaces, you may want to evolve your look or lean into a new style. Let’s face it, many of us are struggling to embrace this ‘getting back to work’. After what has felt like an eternity, it’s time to get dressed again!

Here are some tips you may want to ponder upon when it comes to your personal image:

Your Hair Colour & Style

Make sure you like your own hair colour and your own hairstyle. Talk to a hairstylist (or consult our best friend: YouTube!) and get yourself a hair colour that is going to boost your confidence. It could be a colour that’s not too light or too dark. Make sure it suits your skin tone.

Your hairstyle says a lot about you. So, choose mindfully. Make sure the length of your hair, the softness, the volume is all in sync with your comfort level as you transition to meet clients and co-workers in this post-pandemic time. You are on this journey, and you are not alone. Many are struggling with this transition time. If you feel your hair has got thrashed and looks uncared for during this Pandemic time, spruce it up and feel good. Make sure you choose a style that you feel comfortable and confident daily, one that suits your lifestyle.


The Pandemic brought a huge shift in our way of clothing. We were working from home for the last eighteen months. Wearing sweats and casuals became a reality even if we were on Zoom or other virtual portals for our work.

Now, suddenly moving into structured clothing may be a struggle for many of us.

Wake up! You have a closet full of clothes! You were fine before the Pandemic struck!

We are transitioning back to our old times so start having fun and show your style again! Get ready to move back from your comfy clothes that you were lounging in.  Start figuring out how you can be stylish and comfortable by wearing clothes that highlight your persona, in colours that suit your skin tone. Look into your accessories and start pairing; life is finding its way back to what it was once before, at least somewhat. You are not alone. We are all in this together!


As the Business world starts warming up or if you have a return-to-work date looming over your head, you might be struggling with the thought of having to leave the safety of home to go work in an environment that’s filled with so many uncertainties.

Just as much as we are all set to meet our favourite coworkers, we may have apprehensions about how they will react to our new looks! It is absolutely possible! Specially because we are stepping out of our homes, the one place where we could feel safe, about how we were looking!

It does not matter whether you are in your twenties, thirties, or fifties. It is the same thoughts with everyone!

Wake up! What worked then will work now too! You know it when you look good, you feel good.

As you get ready to go back to work, start checking your old make up kits. Replenish the ones that are not usable anymore.

Start using make up a few weeks before going back to office.

Over the past year, we have been social distancing and lost practice of how we used makeup to meet with people in person, look them in the eyes and engage in everyday chitchat.

Transitioning back to your old habits will feel more like a new schedule than returning to a routine. Please know your co-workers, your business clients are all on the same page when it comes to the adjustment of returning to work.

So, please be gentle with yourself!

Take it easy!



August 23rd, 2021